How to Puppy-Proof Your Home


? Don?t leave coins lying around ? metal can poison or choke your puppy.

? Never leave chocolate where a puppy can get it ? chocolate is toxic to dogs.

? All medications and vitamins should be kept out of the puppy?s reach. Never keep pills on the counter, table, or dresser. Your curious puppy can easily chew through a plastic container, and will happily do so if given the chance.

? Everyday cleaning supplies should be kept out of puppy?s reach or behind childproof locks. Also, keep in mind that while you are cleaning, toxic vapors can get into the puppy?s eyes and lungs. Your puppy should be kept in another room.

? Puppies love to chew on electrical and cable cords, which can cause burns or electric shock. You can buy cord concealers or protective cable wrap to keep your electrical cords and your puppy safe.

? Never leave CDs or DVDs lying around. A puppy can chew them into sharp shards, which will do some serious damage.

? Bathtubs and sinks filled with water are a potential drowning hazard. Also keep the lid on your toilet.

? Space heaters, fireplaces, or candles should never be left on when your puppy is alone in a room, even for a minute.

? Put any sentimental or precious items out of puppy?s reach. Even if they?re not toxic, you want to be sure your puppy doesn?t decide some beloved old photograph is a fun chew toy.

? Never leave food lying around. Alcohol, chocolate, coffee, onions, and sugar can cause serious problems to your puppy?s digestive system. Tobacco, smoking patches, and nicotine gum can be fatal if ingested. Be aware that food scraps, such as chicken bones, coffee grounds, or uncooked meats can be a health hazard to your puppy.

? There are puppies that mistake cat feces for food! If you have a cat, keep its litter box separated from the puppy by using a baby gate.



? If you have a yard, your puppy needs to be in a fenced-in area or an outdoor kennel to keep him from straying and investigating the neighborhood.

? A swimming pool is a real problem. You could put a cover over the pool until your puppy is old enough.

? Be sure to block any access to a shed or garage that contains insecticide, gasoline, paint, oil, or fertilizer. Your puppy will actually like the taste of rat poison or antifreeze, which can be fatal.