Obedience Training – Teaching to Sit

dog sit photoIt?s important for your puppy to learn to sit. It?s the starting point for many other commands, and it?s an important skill when you?re outside amidst cars, at curbs or when someone is coming into your house. It?s an easy command, and your puppy should master it quickly. As always, treats play the most important role.

Stand in front of your puppy and hold your hand above his head with a treat in it. He will look up at it. Use your other hand to gently push down on his hind quarters to the ground, into a sitting position. At the same time, while still holding that treat, say ?sit? in a calm but firm voice. Once he is able to hold the position, give the puppy the treat.

Keep repeating this action several times each day until the puppy is able to put himself into a sitting position without your guidance. If your puppy temporarily loses the training you’ve mastered, simply start again. You might notice your puppy jumps on people when they come into your house or runs after children in the neighborhood. Give the command to sit, and if the dog does not listen, go back to the basics with the treat and the physical lowering of your dog into the sitting position.