Obedience Training – Teaching to Stay

Photo by airwaves1

The ?stay? command should logically follow the ?sit? command. After all, what is the point of teaching your puppy to sit if he doesn?t stay down? Once he learns to stay, he won?t lunge and jump at your guests. It will also keep him out of dangerous situations. Please keep in mind that ?stay? may be difficult for your puppy to grasp, as his favorite thing is to follow you and stay by your side.

Start by having your puppy sit. After the dog is in the sit position, tell the dog to ?stay,? wait two seconds, and then give the dog a treat. Increase the amount of time you make the dog wait for the treat until the dog is able to wait for 10 seconds, each time, telling the dog to stay.

Each time you say, ?stay,? put up your hand, flat, with the palm facing the dog. This will become your hand command once your dog learns how to stay. If the dog gets up from the sitting position, say, ?No,? have the dog sit again, and start the process over.

When the dog is able to stay in the sitting position for 10 seconds without getting up, continue the process, but this time take one step away from the dog. Repeat the word, ?stay.? Take two more steps, repeat the word, ?stay.? Finally, step out of the dog?s sight.

Continue to work with the dog until you are able to stay out of the dog?s sight for two minutes without him moving.

Incorporate the ?stay? command into your daily life. He may obey in the kitchen, but not in the yard or while walking, so use different situations and places to train him. Have him stay while you get the door, go through the mail, chat with a neighbor, or are on the phone. Slowly, remove the treat and continue with the hand signal and lots of praise.