Train Your Puppy with Rewards

If you want to raise your puppy into a good dog who knows what is expected, then you need to train him early. Initially, the puppy won?t have any reason to follow your commands. Why should he stay when there?s a fun world out there? Why shouldn?t he steal your lunch when it?s so tasty? That?s how your puppy looks at it, and it?s hard to argue with his logic.

That is why consistent reward and praise are so important. Rewards are the motivator to help the puppy see life your way. Training a puppy takes an abundance of patience, but the results are always worth it.

Proper training lets your puppy become a valued member of the family. Your life and his will be much easier if he knows what you expect of him. He will be welcome in more places if he can walk nicely, not jump on guests, and can keep from destroying furniture.

Training should be fun, exciting, and provide you with better means to communicate with your new family member. Start your training right away and don’t give up until you have the behaviors you want from your puppy.