Useful Puppy Training Tips – Be Patient

Don’t allow yourself to get frustrated or impatient during the training process, with yourself, or with your new puppy. It will take some time to accomplish all of the goals you have set for you new pal, and for you to get the hang of your puppy’s unique personality, likes, and the techniques and rewards that work best for your puppy.

Give your puppy time to understand new commands. He most likely won?t learn it the first couple of times when you teach him. Repeat old commands in new training sessions, so that he doesn?t forget them. The attention span of dogs is pretty short, so keep your sessions frequent but short in length, otherwise your pup will become bored.

Work on simple commands before moving on to more complex behaviors. For example, if you want your puppy to sit and stay, first work on the sitting, then the staying, before doing both. If your puppy is having difficulty, you may be moving too fast. Take a step back and start over.

Never get impatient with your puppy and never call him to you if you are going to punish him ? all that will do is teach him that to come to you is not a good thing. Keep your voice firm but gentle, and never let any frustration creep into it.