Useful Puppy Training Tips – Treats and Training

Everyone, including puppies, loves treats. You can use these as a reward for good behavior. Dog treats come in all flavors, sizes, and specialties. Soft, meaty treats are very enticing to most puppies, and having a ready supply will help your puppy quickly learn what behaviors are wanted and rewarded. Puppies usually love anything cheese, peanut butter, or meat flavored. Select small treats instead of big ones that require lots of chewing. The trick with training is to use quick, positive reinforcement and small, bite sized treats are perfect rewards for your puppy.

Drop a treat into the crate in order to lure your dog in there. Provide a treat anytime the puppy goes to the bathroom outside or sits and rolls over when commanded. Don’t give your dog treats for no reason, or this will confuse the situation and they won’t realize they’re being rewarded. Make sure it’s a specific dog treat that you’re providing as well. You might think ice cream makes a great treat, but it’s not so good for your puppy.