Useful Puppy Training Tips – Use a Clicker and Training Yourself

Photo by airwaves1

 Use a Clicker

For many puppies, a clicker is a great tool for training. Small and inexpensive, clickers work by capturing your dog’s attention with an audible sound. Simply press the clicker’s button when your puppy does what you want him to do and follow the click with a positive reward, such as a small treat or an enthusiastic, encouraging pet, a scratch behind the ears and a “good boy!” verbal reinforcement.

Training Yourself

When you introduce a new dog into your household and your life, you’re not just training the puppy. You’re training yourself as well. Your life is going to have to change, and you need to be prepared for it and willing to adapt. Sleeping in until noon on the weekends is no longer an option when you have a puppy that needs to be walked and fed. Taking off for a spontaneous vacation sounds like fun, but first you’ll have to make arrangements for the pup. Working with the dog to be calm and quiet when friends and family visit takes a lot of energy and a willingness to hang in there for the long term.

You are working on forming a lifelong bond; be patient and consistent with the process, and it will work. All the puppy training tips in the world won’t work if you have a short fuse or a lack of interest in making your puppy comfortable and behaved. Puppies are adorable, but they’re also a lot of work. Before you take the plunge into new puppy ownership, make sure you’re willing to invest the time, emotional energy, and resources. For specific puppy training tips, you can call on experts in the field. Pet stores, veterinarians, and fellow dog owners can all help you and your puppy become good roommates and family members.